MCI Brasil SA, located at Rua George Ohm nº 206, 19th floor, sets 191, 192, 193 and 194 of the LVM Building, Monções neighborhood, in the city of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, is the company that owns the https portal : //, which presents an online shopping model for those interested in our packages. Committed to safeguarding the privacy of visitors to our site, this policy tells us how we treat the personal information of our users:
1. When registering on our website, we collect, store and use the information:
The. About your computer, your visits and use of this site (including email address, ip address);
B. On the transactions performed, as purchase order of the packages, with value, date and approval status. We never store your credit card details;
w. Further information provided through the register, for the purpose of registration, e-mail notifications and / or newsletters.
All procedures go through an information security process and remain in our database, where they remain protected and confidential;
2. In any case, this information is only used, as necessary, to complete your interaction with our site. The information conveyed in item 1 is not rented, sold or shared with other persons or companies not affiliated with MCI Housing, except for compliance with judicial order.
3. When you log in to our site, we store a cookie on your computer with the intention of recognizing it when browsing our site. A cookie is a small amount of data stored on a computer to identify this browser during interaction on websites. Most cookies used on our site will be erased from your hard drive automatically when you close your browser session.
4. MCI Housing uses Google Analytics to create reports on the use of our site. Google may store this information. Google's privacy policy is available at
5. Your data will be used for our e-mail. In all our communications made through email, we have placed a link for removal of registration.
6. MCI Housing may update this policy without prior notice. The most significant changes, when appropriate, may be communicated in a prominent area on the web site or through e-mail.
7. For more information contact us through our Contact Us.
8. MCI Housing will take reasonable steps to maintain the confidentiality and security described in this policy.